Contents March 2021 Liv Arnesen – the first Woman to reach the South Pole Solo 1; 18 Turkey Joins the “Antarctic Philatelic Club” 1; 18 Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your Diary; Note on Copyright 2 Contents; The Latest Antarctic News 3 Chairman’s Message; Membership News; Brian Clayton elected FRPSL; Editorial 4 The Economy of the French Southern Islands – Stamps and Postal History Part 2 5-7 More Snares; NATO Arctic Operation Mongoose 8 A Current Polar Postal Exploration; A Polar Work Horse – NGCC Amundsen 9 The Norwegian North Polar Expedition with The Maud, 1918-1925 Part 3 – Danish Sales Agents Imprints, etc. 10-15 A Visit to Roald Amundsen’s Home “Uranienborg” – September 2020 16-17 “Dome C” – Concordia Station Postcard 18 MOSAIC – The 2nd Relief of Polarstern – The Rendezvous with FS Sonne and FS Maria S. Merian 19 New Issues: Greenland – 6th November 2020 19 New Issues: The French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF) – October 2020 to January 2021 20-22 New Issues: The Falkland Islands – Mine Clearance Programme and Christmas 2020 23 New Issue: South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands – Royal Navy Ships 23 New Issue: Tristan da Cunha: Vagrant Species Part 2 23 New Issue: Tristan da Cunha – Modern Mail Ships Definitive Issue 24 New Issues: British Antarctic Territory – Discovering Antarctica Stamp Design Competition and Antarctic Birds 24 Please note that the PDF Version of this issue includes a PDF Annex after Page 24. Your browser does not seem to support iframes. Click here to read this PDF. Convert your PDF to digital flipbook ↗

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