Your browser does not seem to support iframes. Click here to read this PDF. Convert your PDF to digital flipbook ↗ Contents June 2014 A Fond farewell to the Reindeer of South Georgia 1911-2014 25/27 Cover Returns from Port Lockroy, South Georgia & SSI and Signy for the 2013/14 Antarctic Summer Season 26/41 Contents 27 Committee; Deadline for next Polar Post; Dates for your diary; Back issues of Polar Post; Note on Copyright 28 Chairman’s Message; Membership News; 29 Obituaries: Douglas Geoffery and Gerhard Trögel 29 Reminder! – SWINPEX, St Joseph’s Catholic College, Ocotal Way, Swindon 29 The PPHSGB Residential Weekend in Cambridge 20th to 22nd September 2013, Part 3 30 The Arctic Expedition of Prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi 34 Philatelic Off ers from the Mawson’s Huts Foundation 36 Cachet (BAT) ALL-C-19 used at the Argentine Islands 36 A Rothera Cover from 8th March 1982 36 Monaco 2015 within the framework of MonacoPhil 2015 37 Report of the Hon. Treasurer of the PPHSGB for 2013 including the Accounts for 2013 38 Report of the Hon. Secretary of the PPHSGB for 2013 38 PPHSGB Membership Secretary’s Report for 2013; Report of the Editor of Polar Post for 2013 39 Minutes of the AGM of the PPHSGB held on 22nd February 2014 40 Cover Returns from Port Lockroy, South Georgia and Signy during the 2013/2014 Antarctic Summer Season 41 Operation Ice Cube 2013/2014 – A Cover from the South Pole 41 Intriguing Photo-Postcard from September 1919 42 Canadian Arctic Covers 43 Sir Ernest H. Shackleton’s Voyage of Endurance 1914-1916, Introduction and Part 1 44/51 South Georgia – 5th January 1972 – 50th Anniversary of the Death of Shackleton -The Imperforate Sheets 46/51 New Issue: Tristan da Cunha – Ships and Explorers – 7th April 2014 47/52 British Antarctic Territory Press Release via Pobjoy Mint 48 New Issue: The Falkland Islands – King Penguins, Predators and Prey 49/52 New Issue: The Falkland Islands – Fungi 49/52 New Issues – TAAF – Logos of the District of Crozet – 4th April 2014 49/52 New Issue – Argentina – 25th Meeting of the Administrators of Latin American Antarctic Programmes 50/52 New Issue – Argentina – 110 Years of Permanent Presence of Argentina in the Antarctic at Base Orcadas 50/52 New Issue – Cuba – 30th Anniversary of the Cuban Antarctic Expedition 50/52 New Issues – Royal Christenings – Mini-Omnibus Issue – Various dates of Issue 50/51

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